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Managed SaaS vs. Traditional SaaS-Based Solutions: Taking it to the Next Level

Today’s communication capabilities leverage advanced technologies that no longer require employees or staff to be tethered to a computer to create and send important time-sensitive communications. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions have expanded over the years to include more affordable options for acquiring new capabilities that once involved a hefty investment in computers or other technologies. By utilizing a SaaS solution, you gain instant access to technology at more affordable prices without having to integrate new hardware into your existing infrastructure.

The SaaS model has been a game changer, but generally speaking, it is not without inherent challenges – depending upon the methodology of its provider. Many SaaS-based providers expect the client to be responsible for addressing system fundamentals including training, troubleshooting, and daily operations of the system which defeats the purpose of streamlining overhead and increasing efficiencies. From its inception, Emergency Communications Network (ECN) took a different approach by viewing clients as long-standing partners and providing consultative services rather than generic support. This emphasis on client support and other managed services is what separates us from traditional SaaS vendors.

The real difference – traditional SaaS providers focus on role delegation and self-sufficiency. Why? Because this method allows them to charge more money for less effort on their part, leaving you completely on your own to handle the essential components of running your community/employee notification system. By relying on your staff members as the first level of client support and limiting the number of support calls you can make, these providers cut costs and charge for training sessions or client support calls. Further, traditional SaaS providers require you to manually upload and manage your own data, which does not guarantee the accuracy of stakeholder information or provide assistance with accurate geo-coding. You are also left to develop your own marketing collateral, press releases, and community fliers to help drive community enrollments.

With ECN’s managed services, we provide clients with unlimited 24/7 client support from day one, offering everything from message creation and launch assistance to basic questions and answers. While other companies require that you designate a staff member to become a trained expert on their systems, we believe in a true partnership with your organization—not passing off responsibility in order to avoid work. Therefore, our Client Support team is on hand to provide their expertise and guide you through system promotion best practices, data integration, conducting system tests to drive for additional enrollments, and one-on-one system training(s). Need marketing assistance creating materials? No problem—we’ll give you sign-up sheets, promotional materials, reference guides, brochures, banners, and anything else you may need to encourage enrollments and engage with your community. Will other providers offer this? Be sure to ask before considering all solutions equal.

When you look for a critical communication and emergency notification system, don’t settle with a company that maintains a quid-pro-quo mindset—choose one that will give you 100% support, 100% of the time.