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Manila Remains Flooded by Monsoon Rains

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The Philippine capital continues to struggle with widespread flooding after nearly two weeks of constant monsoon rains, reports Sky News out of Australia. Our own Regional Sales Manager, Arnel Capili, tells us that most areas of the city are now under water and without power and that the Government has suspended work in all public offices. Although the rains are expected to let up soon, nearly 2 million people have already been affected by the floods.

“The flooding, the worst since 2009, has rattled the nerves of thousands of people who had to be evacuated for the second time in as many days after returning home following a brief respite from rains Wednesday,” writes Sky News. As of Thursday morning, nearly 300,000 people had left their homes, seeking help in evacuation centers around the city.

Reuters reports that Philippine President Benigno Aquino ordered officials to exert maximum effort in order to aid those affected by the floods while speaking during an emergency meeting at a Manila army base. Since the flooding began, army troops, police officers, and other emergency workers have been deployed via rubber boats and amphibious vehicles to help provide assistance to Manila residents.

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