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Mass Notification for IT Alerting

Data breaches. Denial-of-Service attacks. Phishing schemes. Trojan horses. Malware. For Information Technology (IT) professionals all over the world, these are the ingredients of nightmares. Add to these the daily challenges of simply maintaining and troubleshooting a wide variety of technologies, and it’s easy to see the IT professional’s job is not easy.

A number of nifty tools for managing the various facets of IT are widely utilized. Yet, they are often inadequate in their capabilities for smart alerting, two-way interaction and auditing. This is where an IT alerting service like Send Word Now shines.

An IT alerting service (or “mass notification” system) is an online solution that adds powerful communication capabilities to tools such as network monitoring applications, endpoint security, antivirus software, etc. IT alerting services are built to enable rapid, accurate interactions between people, or even between people and machines. Services like this were originally created to warn people in crisis situations or business disruptions. However, they are fast becoming indispensable tools for the IT professional due to their power, reach and flexibility.

Consider the following key characteristics of a modern IT alerting service:

Fast. Top IT alerting services are capable of delivering thousands of emails, SMS messages, phone calls and desktop alerts within minutes. Entire global workforces and supply chains can be notified within a very short timeframe when IT issues arise.

Accurate. Unlike the child’s game of “Pass it On” where messages are distorted the further down the chain they go, IT alerting services distribute the same identical message to all recipients.

Multimodal. IT alerting services are not constrained to only sending text messages or emails. Instead, virtually any type of communication device can be used to deliver information.

Targeted. Gone are the days of shotgun blast communications. Notifications can be precisely targeted to reach just the right set of individuals. Two-way Polling questions can be asked, and responses can dictate what rules the notification service follows next.

Integratable. Notification services are certainly powerful on their own, but opening their capabilities to other third-party applications makes the solution very useful. Enterprise-class IT alerting services have Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that make easy integration possible.

Auditable. With top IT alerting applications, every notification and system modification is auditable, with real-time reports readily available.

In today’s volatile world of technology, IT professionals can’t afford to rely on antiquated communication methods. If your organization is progressive in its approach to IT management, but a bit behind in the communications arena, perhaps it’s time to consider upgrading your ability to alert and notify personnel via an enterprise-level mass notification service.

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How to Use Automated Notification to Support IT Incident Management

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