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Mass notification improves customer experience in entertainment industry

EntertainmentThe entertainment and hospitality industry includes casinos, hotels, resorts, music producers, tourism and more. In every case, the people behind the event are focused on creating a seamless and satisfying customer experience. Interruptions must be anticipated and contingency plans must be in place. How do these professionals use mass notification to help provide a great experience for their customers?

Drawing from stories we’ve heard from customers, here are some real-life examples:

  • Concert security. A fight broke out in the parking structure at a concert venue. This prompted an alarmed call to security from nearby attendees. Assuring the concertgoers that the parking lot would be made safe and secure, the hotel security chief launched a first-response notification to all on-duty guards. The message requested that three guards report to the area of the disturbance and included yes/no response option. Once the chief got three affirmative responses, the notification stopped as the fight was quickly quelled.
  • Hotel evacuation. A renowned resort hotel tells us how they used notification to organize an efficient evacuation after a bomb threat was called in. They managed this delicate situation by preparing a multi-tiered alert that was delivered to every room phone, as well as to cell phone numbers that guests had provided upon check-in. Knowing that many guests would be more likely to respond to a text notification or email, the message was sent by those modes as well. The evacuation went smoothly and guests were pleased to get a follow-up message when it was safe to return to their rooms.

There are many stories that show how those in the entertainment and hospitality business have used mass notification in both expected and unexpected ways. Learn more from the brief: Intelligent Notification for Entertainment and Hospitality. Looking for the best emergency notification system? Download the Automated Notification System RFP Template.