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Mass Notification Software: Price reduction for severe weather alerts

CodeRED Mobile Alert appmass notification software users can now add severe weather alerts for a reduced price. Emergency Communications Network (ECN) has launched a special holiday promotion of its mass notification software application that allows users to add one year of the optional CodeRED Weather Warning feature for only $0.99, an 80%price decrease.

Through push notifications being sent directly to a subscriber’s mobile device, the CodeRED app allows residents to be notified of important emergency information when they are on-the-go. The app harnesses the technology of ECN’s CodeRED mass notification software. Here is what you need to know about the CodeRED Mobile Alert app:

  • The app is free. The CodeRED Mobile Alert app provides subscribers free emergency, community and
    missing person notification warnings issued by authorized public safety officials across the United States and Canada.
  • Weather alerts are an add-on feature. The completely optional CodeRED Weather Warning add-on feature sends subscribers automatic push notifications if the National Weather Service has issued a severe weather warning for their current location. Users will still receive free emergency, community and missing person notifications regardless of the weather upgrade.
  • The fee for weather alerts does not renew automatically. After your annual subscription of CodeRED Weather Warning expires, you can choose not to continue to use this part of the app by not paying the fee again. You will not be automatically charged for another subscription.
  • The app requires you to enable location services on your phone. The mass notification software app uses your phone’s GPS services to deliver location-based multimedia alerts using push technology. The CodeRED Weather Warning subscription allows users to receive weather alerts directly from the National Weather Service based on their location.
  • The app is customizable. The app features dozens of customizable options including warning preferences and the ability to set a personal warning radius to only receive alerts within a specific geographic area within the user’s current location. Upon download, the CodeRED Mobile Alert app allows users to view all active alerts including the ability to view alert details and hear an audio recording created by the issuing public safety organization for that community.
  • You must create an app account. Click on the “register” button when the app asks you to sign in, enter your email and create a password. If your City or County offers CodeRED mass notification software and you have already created an account to receive those alerts, you must register separately to receive the alerts through the app because your account information does not automatically sync with the app. I don’t think this is true…check with Guillermo. I think you can do a guest account. However, if you do create an account, it’s not the same login info as you would use for your city/county login. We may want to strike this bullet point altogether.

10714520_668250619959039_1414559173262982267_oCurrent users may add 1-year to their existing subscription at any time during the promotional period for only $0.99. The promotion is open to all new and current CodeRED Mobile Alert app users.

CodeRED Mobile Alert is available on the App Store and Google Play or you can download the app here. If you’re happy with what CodeRED Mobile Alert has to offer, consider writing a review on the App Store or Google Play. If you have questions or comments, please contact us toll-free at 866-533-6935 or via email at