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How Mass Notification Systems Help Severe Weather Alerting

Spring is a time when severe weather threats, such as flash floods, thunderstorms and tornadoes, really ramp up. Flash flooding occurs in the spring because the ground isn’t yet warm enough to absorb melting snow and rain. Severe thunderstorms are fueled by rising warm, moist air brought by spring temperatures and tornadoes are at their peak from April until June.

Communities nationwide can stay prepared with CodeRED Weather Warning. This mass notification software delivers automatic severe weather alerts moments after a warning is issued by the National Weather Service.

Get Information That Impacts You Directly

Only citizens in the direct path of severe weather are contacted by CodeRED Weather Warning, which increases the relevance of each alert. The types of weather warnings delivered by the mass notification software include: severe thunderstorm, flash flood and tornado. Warnings for tsunamis and winter storms are also available to communities who may be impacted by these specific weather phenomena.

Citizens have the option to opt-in to receive the alerts they feel would be of most impact. These settings may be changed at any time.

Give Yourself Time to Act

CodeRED Weather Warning mass notification software is geographically targeted so that the most vulnerable areas are identified and contacted first. Oftentimes, residents signed up for CodeRED Weather Warning will receive severe weather alerts before learning about the threat via television or radio.

If you travel frequently for work or you plan on taking a vacation this spring, download the CodeRED Mobile Alert app on your iPhone or Android. The CodeRED app uses geo-aware technology to deliver emergency information based on a subscriber’s location. You can download the app here.

See if your community offers CodeRED Weather Warning mass notification software by visiting your city or county’s official website and be prepared for weather-related threats this spring by updating your contact information in your area’s CodeRED Weather Warning database.

Article Cover The Ultimate Buyers’ Guide to Choosing the Right Mass Notification Software Solution

The Ultimate Buyers’ Guide to Choosing the Right Mass Notification Software Solution

Mass notifications are a key part of any successful emergency response plan.   With so many mass notification options available, and the safety of your residents at stake, choosing the right vendor is critical.

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