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Mass notification system for emergency and risk communication

Trying to disseminate information during a time of emergency can be quite hectic, and it is understandable to want the process to be as quick and easy as possible. The CodeRED emergency notification system caters to this quality, assisting you and your organization with emergency communication in a time of need.

However, did you know that CodeRED can also be used for risk communication? Believe it or not, emergency communication and risk communication are two completely different things.

Risk communication is exactly what it sounds like—communicating risk. It is slightly different from emergency communication in that a risk is the potential result of what could happen from a situation, while an emergency is a situation of danger that requires immediate action. A risk is the possible outcome and what the public needs to be aware of prior to making any further decisions on how to deal with the incident. If the public does not understand the likelihood of something causing harm, they may not respond to a call of action.

For example, we can look at the wildfires currently plaguing the West coast in California. If you live in Sacramento, you are at risk of being in danger and having to evacuate the premises to avoid injury from smoke inhalation, burns, and more. In this situation, officials can communicate not only a wildfire emergency, but also the risks of this wildfire for Sacramento residents and the environment. What is the likelihood that residents within a certain mile radius suffer from smoke inhalation? Is it possible for structures or terrain in the area to deteriorate? These are factors that are beneficial to West coast residents and would do well with the CodeRED system.

With CodeRED’s customizable features, you don’t need to worry about message content limitations. CodeRED allows you to disseminate information pertaining to any kind of emergency—even if it is just to inform the public that the emergency is no longer classified as a hazard. Risk is not a definitive piece of the puzzle, but it can certainly help others to imagine the bigger picture in order to take action.

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