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Minutes, not hours: mass notification for maintenance updates

Alarm bellVenyu is a premier provider of cloud, datacenter and data protection services—one of the first in the US, as their website says, to take advantage of virtualization as a disaster recovery approach.

By sourcing, implementing and managing cloud hosting, online data backup, disaster recovery, and co-location services—all of which rely on geographically dispersed datacenters—the company is able to offer its customers a wide range of enterprise-grade infrastructure and equipment.

Venyu takes customer care seriously, and takes great pains to keep customers in the loop about any planned or unplanned actions at their datacenters.

But customers have different preferences when it comes to communication; understandably, some want to be notified more frequently than others. (And some, far more frequently.)

As the company’s customer base grew, so did its notification headaches. At one point, Venyu staff were spending six to eight hours just to notify customers of each scheduled maintenance update.

Convinced there was a better way, they began searching for a communication tool that could manage and sort customer contact data and provide a fast, easy way to reach customers.

They found it in MIR3 Intelligent Notification.

Venyu had tried other solutions, but it wasn’t until they discovered Intelligent Notification that they knew they had something that really worked for them.

Customers now set their own notification preferences—choosing both message frequency and message content.

To make matters even easier, Venyu has created a variety of easily customized message templates to cover most situations, which makes crafting a message so simple as to be no challenge at all. Messages now take just minutes—not hours—to create and deliver, no matter how many people need to be notified.

To learn more about how Venyu used mass notification technology to shave hours off of existing processes, download the case study.