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Mobile Workforce Management Best Practices

Our world has gone global and mobile at a drastic speed in the last decade.

Giving your employees the right tools and amount of accessibility is vital to the success of your organization. Here are some of the leading technologies and tools that can assist your employees in achieving significant gains in the mobile workforce.

Go Big on Mobile Technology

Let’s talk tech. Providing a mobile phone for voice calls and texting is not enough if you want to stay truly connected with your remote workers. In a review of the TRaD Works Forum by Inc. magazine, ways you can elevate your mobile technology includes providing your workers with virtual toolkits on their mobile devices.

The virtual toolkit consists of a variety of technologies and services readily available to any person who joins your mobile workforce. The toolkit can be easily uploaded to your company phones or mobile devices. Toolkits often include apps for file sharing, project management, emergency notification, virtual meetings, and video chats. Having the toolkits ready in advance speeds implementation when a new employee is onboarded.

Create a Style Guide

Another idea from Inc. and the TRaD Works Forum is the use of style guides. These are a step up from old school user manuals but with the same basic concept. Provide workers who are new to your mobile workforce with a style guide that covers everything they will need to get started, such as: brand colors, logo aspect ratios, corporate fonts, etc.

Along with information about the aforementioned virtual toolkit, cover topics like core working hours and guidelines for meeting attendance in and out of the office. Also include more personalized information, like the type of communication style preferred by the team, i.e., does the manager use email or voice chat more frequently.

Best Apps for Mobile Workforce

When it comes to apps and mobile tools, there’s no shortage of ones that can improve the productivity and communication practices of your remote workers. In addition to video conferencing and instant messaging, you can use apps to encourage and support your workers. There are coaching apps and motivation apps on the market that enable managers to offer online recognition and pep talks via their mobile devices.

For sales and other customer-facing personnel, banking apps provide employees with information needed to make transactions outside of the office. There are even smart banking apps that work with legacy systems.

Another area of sales that is often overlooked is lead documentation. When your reps are out in the field and they make a connection that needs to be included in the CRM, they need the tools to make it happen quickly and easily. Apps offering a secure cloud-based database enables employees to input contact information to ensure your organizations has the most up to date information.

Be More Trusting

When you enable your employees to work from home or remotely, you must extend a level of trust to those individuals. Otherwise, the model will never work. Your management team will spend too much time trying to micromanage and provide oversight. Meanwhile, your employees will notice the lack of trust and lose faith in their ability to do their job.  When you trust your mobile workforce, you gain that vital connection between the behind-the-scenes business and the real world that you are trying to reach.

Forbes points out that customer-facing employees need to be in the field where the customers are, actively building relationships. An added benefit of field-based employees?  They gain a better understanding of the market and develop a more accurate sense of what customers need and want.

While the mobile workplace didn’t start with the tech boom, the tech boom has increased the options for organizations and their employees, including the ability to work from anywhere. Technology is simply the perfect conduit for enabling your workforce to go mobile efficiently.

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