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Most Wanted Emergency Notification Feature 2: Self-Registration Portal

One of the biggest challenges in using an emergency notification service is keeping up with your contacts—especially if your organization is large or has high-volume turnover. How can you make sure your recipients aren’t missing vital communications without consuming significant time and resources?

The solution is simple. Let your notification recipients sign up for alerts and maintain their own contact information. Now your administrators can spend less time managing contact information and more time focusing on their main role.

A good notification service, like Send Word Now, will offer a Self-Registration tool or portal that facilitates data entry by your recipients. They simply create a password and provide their contact information all from a single web address. The portal even allows them to choose message preferences and provide the contact points at which they wish to be reached. Most importantly, they can update their contact information at any time—or when instructed to do so. We’ve noticed that customers want to make contact data management easy while focusing on business continuity, safety, and day-to-day tasks.

Your Self-Registration Portal should be just that—yours. Find a vendor that provides for customization of the portal to allow for branding, so your recipients are in a web environment that is familiar. Here are are some other frequently asked for features that make Self-Registration a most-wanted feature:

  • Enable recipients to opt-in/opt-out of receiving non-critical alerts
  • Allow recipients to join specific alerting groups
  • Customize the views and fields visible to recipients
  • Restrict portal access for added security

If you’re struggling with contact data management, ask about a Self-Registration portal and take the next step toward improving your business’s resilience and personnel safety with better data accuracy.

Stay tuned for more most wanted features!


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