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Most Wanted Features: Desktop Alerting

Our continuing Most Wanted Features series focuses on the impact and effectiveness of desktop alerts. This feature is a common request and a valued tool for many business resilience and IT professionals.

As successful as traditional alerting methods (i.e., email, SMS, voice calls) are, there are times when a more in-your-face approach is the most effective. That makes desktop alerting the next feature on our most wanted list.

What Are Desktop Alerts?

Desktop alerts are highly-visible “pop-up” alerts that interrupt on-screen work, appearing in front of any open applications. Before returning to whatever they were working on before the interruption, recipients must acknowledge the alert—ensuring it was seen. These types of alerts are hard to ignore and will deliver your message to your audience when phones and email are not readily accessible. Desktop alerting solutions, like that provided by Send Word Now, are simple to install and work seamlessly with alerting services. Desktop alerts are another weapon to add to your arsenal for business continuity.

Why Use Desktop Alerts?

Perhaps the phone lines are down, or IT detects an email virus, or cell phones are prohibited at work stations. Any of these scenarios provide the perfect opportunity for a desktop alert. If email is not safe due to a virus, then a desktop alert can be deployed telling employees not to use their email until the situation is resolved. If phone lines are down, the desktop alert can provide instructions on what to do next in an emergency. If your developers are so “in-the-zone” that they do not notice other forms of notification, a desktop alert will stop them in their tracks.

Like other forms of notification, desktop alerts can be customized and targeted. You can easily send alerts to specific geographic or physical locations (e.g., Building B only, the 12th floor only, IT employees only, etc.). The pop-up message can be configured in various colors and text styles (e.g., bright red) to maximize visibility and create a sense of urgency.

When selecting a desktop alerting solution make sure it provides for two-way communication. Send Word Now’s Desktop Alerting utilizes the “Get Word Back” feature; the pop-up alert includes a polling question requiring recipients to respond before the alert will disappear. This feedback assists in planning the next steps of an emergency by gathering feedback quickly and easily.

Remember . . .

  • High visibility and total interruption mean you can be sure your recipients get the message
  • Alerts are deliverable even when email is not working
  • You can create and send surveys and polling questions and get results in real time
  • Alerts cannot be ignored or skipped, so polling responses must be submitted

When emergencies arise, be assured busy, engaged employees will receive critical messages when necessary. Desktop alerts are the ideal solution when immediate disruption of work is needed.