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National Preparedness Month: How Healthy is Your Database?

To help mitigate the effects of disasters and emergencies, many communities maintain a database of resident contact information that can be used to send out notifications and alerts as events unfold. But if these databases aren’t regularly maintained, they can become filled with outdated information, impacting the success of a crisis communication plan. National Preparedness Month provides a fantastic opportunity for communities to bring this front of mind for residents and use the publicity to update their databases, bringing in new community members, and boost enrollment in whatever emergency notification methods that are being used.

The Importance of National Preparedness Month

“Prepared, not scared,” is the motto of National Preparedness Month. Throughout September, community events and campaigns are used to ensure residents across the country are as prepared as possible in the event of a disaster or emergency. Topics discussed include whether a household has enough money saved for a disaster, whether a community has the resources it needs to address a disaster, and if there are processes in place to notify everyone in the event of an emergency.

National Preparedness Month is an important part of community building and proactive emergency management. When a disaster or emergency strikes, it’s often difficult for everyone to coordinate. People need to be able to react swiftly to mitigate damage, both on behalf of themselves and their community.

This is an excellent time for community members to evaluate their current disaster preparedness measures and make improvements before disaster strikes. It’s also an excellent time for the implementation, testing, and growth of mass notification usage.

Importance of Mass Notification in an Emergency

During an emergency, it’s vital that everyone be notified as quickly as possible, through as many channels as possible to give time to react or prepare. Often, an emergency can happen out of nowhere, and people who aren’t properly notified could be in danger. Disasters and emergencies can make it difficult for family members and friends to speak to each other, which means relevant information may not be distributed as quickly as it needs to be.

Mass notification systems are able to distribute accurate and timely information throughout the community, giving residents the information they need to know and officials the opportunity to respond and disseminate information in a quick and targeted manner.

But residents need to sign up for mass notification systems, and they need to be properly controlled and deployed. This is one of the things that communities may want to discuss during National Preparedness Month. If a database isn’t properly curated and controlled, it won’t be able to notify the people who need to be notified. 

How Communities Are Improving Opt-In Rates through Promotions and Education

How healthy is your database? If your mass notification system’s database isn’t up to date, then you won’t get the best results. You can improve your community opt-in rates through promotions and education.

National Preparedness Month is the ideal time to run an educational campaign, explaining to community members why it’s important to be a part of the database, and what the database can do for them. Likewise, you can work with local businesses and government initiatives to create promotions for community members who sign up, such as discounts on products and services.

Having a more robust community database benefits everyone, as it makes it so that the community as a whole is much stronger, and unified, when it comes to disasters and emergencies. 

Do you need to start updating your database? Get ready for National Preparedness Month. Working with your community, you should be able to create an extensive database that will better serve you during unexpected emergencies. 

National Preparedness Month: How Healthy Is Your Database?

National Preparedness Month is in September, but it is critical to keep the themes front-of-mind year round. With so many threats at the door of communities small and large, it’s critical to have a plan in place to reach residents quickly in an emergency.

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