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National Preparedness Month: Outlasting the Outbreak

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Zombies everywhere. They show up in movies, on television, and even in serious emergency management exercises. There’s just something about a brain-craving, girl-next-door-turned-monster that’s so darn appealing. What lies at the root of virtually all zombie activity? A virus. An unseen alien invader, which spreads like wildfire and turns average citizens into hallow-eyed man-eaters.

Despite evidence to the contrary from Monday morning co-workers, zombies are not real. However, it doesn’t mean threats of a viral pandemic aren’t legitimate and extremely scary. Business continuity professionals should include on their list of potential bad things a sweeping health crisis that could affect a large percentage of employees while placing business operations at risk.
Like other crisis scenarios, pandemic preparations call for unique approaches. Managers must expect to deal with high rates of employee absenteeism, requiring alterations to standard policies and implementations of new support technologies.
 To help managers think through these issues, Send Word Now has created a free guide National Preparedness Month Special Report: Outlasting the Outbreak. Download it now for useful tips. Also, keep your eyes open for additional reports as we recognize National Preparedness Month.