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National Preparedness Month: Weathering the Storm

4 Minute Read

As National Preparedness Month, September is the perfect time for organizations to review – and potentially improve – their business continuity/disaster recovery strategies. Over the next four weeks, Send Word Now will contribute to the preparedness discussion by highlighting some of the most common crisis scenarios faced by organizations, while outlining key considerations for communicating during critical events. For Week 1, we’ll start with a discussion of something that impacts virtually every organization—severe weather.

For most, resilience strategies often include communications plans pertaining to severe weather, e.g., hurricanes, blizzards, tornadoes and ice storms. And, rightly so given the recent number of extreme weather events plaguing our country.

Take Superstorm Sandy, for example. No one ever imagined that this hurricane would leave more than 8.5 million people without power, cause in excess of $65 million in damage, and worse, claim the lives of at least 159 people. Also consider the massive EF5 tornado that obliterated parts of Oklahoma City earlier this year; restoration will continue there for years to come.

These extraordinary events are clear reminders that organizations must adequately prepare for the wrath of Mother Nature. By doing so, they will ultimately be in a better position to safeguard employees, sustain operations and protect company assets at all times – even if only after a thunderstorm knocks out power and forces the office to close three hours early.

Consider this:

•The Atlantic Hurricane Season runs June 1 – November 30 (only now at halfway point)
•NOAA calls for 70 percent chance of above-normal season; estimates three storms to make landfall
•The Old Farmer’s Almanac predicts bad winter weather for most of the country this season

So ask yourself… Is your organization prepared for severe weather?

Whether the answer is yes or no, just know that having a reliable, rapid emergency notification service in place is key to minimizing Mother Nature’s impact on your business.

Now take a moment to learn more about preparedness for severe weather. Download the company’s “National Preparedness Month Special Report: Weathering the Storm” for helpful tips. Also, be on the lookout for other special reports as we progress through National Preparedness Month.