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New report from Gartner on business continuity and cyberattacks

CrisisRecoveryQuick: put on your business continuity hat and think disruptions. What comes to mind? Fire. Blackout. Tornado or hurricane. Pandemic.

If you’re more computer-inclined, you may have considered a server failure. But did you think about cyberattack?

A disruption is any event that creates a negative impact on your ability to continue business operations. And, more and more, the type of disruption you’re most likely to face is technological in nature.

As consulting firm Gartner says in a recent report:

“The pace and impact of security incidents has rapidly changed, given the large-scale impact of targeted and aggressive cyberattacks that have occurred during the past several years. Cyberattackers are increasingly focused on creating a range of operational havoc on business operations that can impede or stop the delivery of products and services.”

Now, through an arrangement with Gartner, MIR3 is pleased to offer you a free copy of the paper, Prepare for and Respond to a Business Disruption After an Aggressive Cyberattack.

Inside you’ll learn how a successful cyberattack can delete and destroy your data, cause follow-on damage your physical infrastructure, or shut down your operations for days or weeks.

You’ll read about key challenges today’s cyberattacks pose:

  • Systems meant to back up your data may themselves be compromised—and of little use during recovery
  • Documented RTOs and RPOs (recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives) can get easily derailed
  • Communications objectives and targets may also fall by the wayside in the haze of a crisis.

And you’ll find recommendations from Gartner on how to align your response and recovery processes in the face of an attack, such as:

  • Establish a single crisis team responsible for managing all business continuity disruptions
  • Incorporate best practices into your BCM plans to help you recover after an aggressive cyberattack
  • Develop and implement a roadmap to close gaps between where you are now and where you need to be—before a cyberattack, should one come to pass.

Download your free copy of Prepare for and Respond to a Business Disruption After an Aggressive Cyberattack to learn more.