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On the Road Again

2 Minute Read

There is nothing quite like spending quality time with customers listening to stories, getting feedback and sharing best practices. Just ask Danielle Putis, Send Word Now’s Senior Vice President of Customer Care. Danielle is the talent and energy behind the 2013 Send Word Now City Tour, a series of on-location networking events hosted across the country.

At these concise but powerful events, Send Word Now customers get a chance to interact with one another, share experiences, learn new product features, and gain deeper insights into notification practices. All of this, and a free lunch to boot (plus there is no cost to attend).

Danielle has already worked her magic in Los Angeles and San Jose. Her next event is Friday, May 17 in Boston. Look for future postings of open dates in these cities:

•Washington, D.C.
•Atlanta, GA
•Chicago, IL
•Houston, TX
•Dallas, TX

If you’re interested in learning more about these events, just reach out to your Account Manager who will be glad to help. And, if you see Danielle on the road, tell her we miss her!