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OnSolve Send Word Now: A Revolutionary Mobile App for Recipients

“Innovation is creativity with a job to do.” That quote by innovation consultant, John Emmerling, rings true for us here at OnSolve. Combining new ways of looking at the world with a passion for purpose has helped us fuel some industry “firsts” over the years. And now, thanks to the valuable feedback and interactions with so many of our customers, the legacy of innovation endures with our continuous improvements to OnSolve Send Word Now Mobile, formerly known as SWN Direct.

OnSolve Send Word Now is a groundbreaking mobile app for urgent corporate communications and collaboration. It utilizes IP networking end-to-end for rapid, secure delivery of text-based messages and files seamlessly to the recipients’ mobile devices. And, through Send Word Now’s integrated Get Word Back feature, users can get the feedback they need for immediate action and successful recovery.

OnSolve Send Word Now Mobile includes four key features: Mobile Messenger, Lockbox, Alert Approvals and Locate.

Mobile Messenger is an SMS alternative that delivers two-way, high capacity, encrypted, rich-text capable alerts directly to the app. Messages can contain response options to collect valuable feedback and be set to “vanish” once read to heighten security and ensure control.

Lockbox allows administrators to send encrypted files directly to the recipient’s device with version control, auto-sync and built-in audit reports. Documents are accessible even when users are offline, and there is no data available data connection.

Alert Approvals allows organizations to establish a message approval workflow to review, edit, reject or approve all messages created prior to being sent. System administrators can assign role-based and scenario-based permissions that require alert approval and assign specific approvers.

Locate permits the selection of a geographic area on a map (a geo-fence) and sends the alert to recipients who are physically within the geo-fence. For privacy, a recipient’s location is not tracked continuously.  Instead, the notification is launched to recipients whose real-time GPS coordinates fall within the geo-fence.

EventStream create and monitor an event or incident with assigned tasks to groups and recipients to ensure rapid action and transparency across your organization. This powerful module within OnSolve Send Word Now mobile allows organizations to manage all aspects of an internal crisis event (IT incident, cyber attack, supply chain disruption, etc.) from one single interface.

“Our customers have told us they want an innovative mobile platform for communicating across the enterprise, and we listened,” said Ann Pickren, OnSolve President. “Building on our deep understanding of technology, OnSolve Send Word Now Mobile delivers a revolutionary set of recipient mobile-oriented tools along with a new premium module for event management and task monitoring.”

We hope you’ll take this opportunity to learn more. Download our OnSolve Send Word Now Mobile Brochure, or Schedule a Brief Demo using the button below.