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OnSolve wins the Global BCI Continuity and Resilience Innovation Award

Today we announced our achievement in winning the Global BCI Continuity and Resilience Innovation Award from the Business Continuity Institute.

Steve Jobs was once quoted saying, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” A quote that we strive to achieve for our clients each day here at OnSolve. Providing an outstanding product is critical to a business’s success, but the choice to further develop, improve and enrich the value of that same product is driven through passionate employees dedicated to making a difference.

OnSolve has produced several groundbreaking innovations this year across our three core brands, CodeRED, Send Word Now and MIR3. Thanks to valuable feedback from our customers, we were able to develop five new features to further business continuity and save lives.


Two-Way Messaging is a web-based solution that allows recipients of messages to respond or engage in two-way dialogue.

Foreign Language Message Translation offers over 20 different languages to be used for notifications in diverse communities ensuring critical information in their native language.

Send Word Now

SWN Locate allows system administrators to target an area on the map with a “geo-fence” technology to send alerts to any recipient physically located within the boundaries while ensuring privacy.


Placeholders are blank fields within saved notifications that allow users to create a custom template to be slightly edited for rapid launches.

Ad Hoc reporting gives clients maximum flexibility to review and analyze the results of sent messages through custom queries and search criteria.

For more information on the features above, read our press release here. As we get closer to 2018 our team remains hard at work to bring new features and enhancements to further uplift the industry and provide more value. If you’re a client, stay tuned for 2018 and if you’re eager to learn more about OnSolve – contact us today.