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Opinion: Twitter for emergency notification

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Found this blog post today:

“The bottom line is this: Twitter is not reliable enough for any government agency to use as an “emergency notification service” (or for an individual to use the sole means to be notified). Those government agencies who choose to tweet emergency event information should only be doing so in addition to a formal alert & warning system that they control the infrastructure for – or is under the control of a commercial company who has been contracted to provide such services with a guaranteed service level agreement in place.

Government agencies who use Twitter do so as a valuable public service, but not in replacement for having an emergency notification system in place. Using Twitter is one way of increasing transparency in government, especially with the web 2.0 crowd that is constantly innovating the use of technology for everything but increasingly in the field of emergency management.

I love Twitter. I love that many government agencies at the federal, state and local level push out emergency information – whether for public information (education) or for alerting purposes – through Twitter. It makes it easier for me to monitor events. But it’s not the system I rely on for emergency notifications and it should not be for any government agency as well.”

What are your thoughts?

You can read this complete post by clicking here.