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Pesky Problems with Crisis Communications

BestPracticesThere will always be interruptions to business operations, so it’s a good idea to learn from them and find ways to improve your response for future events. That, of course, means to improve your communication around such events.

Let’s start with common problem areas that come up in the review of communications after an event. While some may seem obvious, they continue to be mentioned in lists of lessons learned from a recap of actual events, and so are included here. Use them as a guide in building a stronger communication plan.

Common problems in crisis communication include:

  • Inaccurate or incomplete information
  • Unexpected capacity; too much or too little information
  • Failure of common communication channels
  • Confusion about the authority and process for communication
  • Failure to provide information in a timely manner as appropriate for the situation
  • Inappropriate or confusing messaging
  • Using inappropriate channels for delivery of the message
  • No prepared and pre-approved messages on hand at time of crisis

Fortunately, there’s resounding evidence that the use of a good notification solution can help in addressing many of these common communication challenges. Again, simply having the tool available is only the first step. By digging more deeply into the purpose and practice of notification, you’ll know how to apply your.

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