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Prairie Village fights crime using CodeRED

Police in Prairie Village, Kansas reached out to city residents with an urgent message about recent burglaries. Police spread the word utilizing the CodeRED emergency notification system. The news story below provides insight into how mass notification is used to keep residents informed and encourages them to get involved with the fight against crime in their neighborhood.

Following the news story I spoke to Prairie Village Police Dispatch Supervisor Tim Kobe about CodeRED, “CodeRED allowed us to target a very specific area impacted by this string of burglaries. I was impressed by the extremely high percentage of phone numbers we connected to in the affected neighborhoods. Our message was delivered to 1,800 homes in less than four minutes. CodeRED performed flawlessly. Immediately following the campaign, we received several valuable tips related to the burglaries.”

Kobe continued, “This is not the first time we’ve used CodeRED to fight crime. In June CodeRED was used following a car chase. During the car chase the vehicle in pursuit crashed. Following the crash, two suspects in the car fled to the woods. We immediately used CodeRED to notify the citizens about the fugitives in their area. Citizens who received the CodeRED message provided tips that led to the arrests of both fugitives.”