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Prayer Text Messages

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Want to Send Prayer Text Messages?

One Call Now Gives Churches the Ability to Send Prayer Text Messages, Phone Calls and Emails

Churches across the country are combining the power of prayer with One Call Now’s message broadcast service for churches.  The results?  Thousands of prayer text and voice messages sent daily!  Using our simple on-line interface or any telephone, pastors and staff can record or type prayer requests or inspirational messages and send them to the entire congregation (or any ministry subgroup) within minutes.  In additional to seeking or sharing prayers, churches benefit by:

  • Sending follow-up communication to guests or visitors
  • Announcing funeral or bereavement activities
  • Promoting giving campaigns
  • Communicating event or schedule changes
  • Surveying members
  • Sharing a daily devotion
  • Communicating emergency situations
  • Updating parents and members on mission travel activities

Reaching Across the Generations

Today’s churches are multigenerational with congregants from as many as four different generations worshiping together. It’s a challenge to meet the diverse preferences for communication. From calls to land lines to text messages to social media-One Call Now has you covered. One typed message is sent just the way each member prefers to receive it, ensuring your messages reach everyone, including teens and seniors.

Urgent Prayers and Alerts

Sometimes email and phone calls just aren’t fast enough. When a prayer request is urgent or funeral services are scheduled for the next day, there just isn’t time for members to receive and respond to email and it simply takes too long to make individual phone calls. What you need is a consistent, accurate message delivered within minutes to everyone, with no additional staff time and no hassle. What you need is One Call Now.