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Preparedness month: wildfire safety

Community-Notification_-WildfiresThis week’s topic, wildfires, hits close to home for the Emergency Communications Network family. In June 1998, lightning strikes and arson, coupled with an unusually wet and mild winter created a perfect storm, giving local plant growth the fuel it needed to ignite destructive wildfires that threatened residents across north-Central Florida. Winds shifted, driving the fire closer to ECN headquarters. In that moment, the concept of providing this type of life-saving service by delivering meaningful alerts was born. It was called the CodeRED mass notification system.

Today, we provide our CodeRED notification tool to thousands of communities across the United States and Canada, hoping that our solution may save lives when disasters, like wildfires, happen.

This week we’ve compiled a quick checklist for wildfire emergencies. Click here to download the pdf. We also encourage you to take time to make a safety plan using the resources provided.

You can read more about using your mass notification system during wildfires on our July blog here: Effectively using your mass notification system during wildfires