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Preparing for Severe Winter Weather

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It is anticipated we’ll have an active, potentially dangerous winter season, so it’s a perfect time to prepare for all Mother Nature can dish out this time of year. With this in mind, the Send Word Now team offers these general tips for personal and corporate readiness during severe winter weather.

Personal Preparedness Tips for Employees
Take this opportunity to remind employees of steps they can take to ensure safety, comfort and work availability.  Here are a few tips:
Put together an emergency preparedness kit. It should include blankets, gloves, boots, bottled water, a flashlight (or two), a battery-powered radio, extra batteries, some canned food, and a first aid kit, at a minimum. Visit the American Red Cross, and websites for more information and ideas.
Prepare your home, your car and yourself. Make sure your heating equipment is in working order, especially fireplaces, chimneys and flues, and leave the water trickling to prevent pipes from freezing. Always keep your car’s gas tank full and check road conditions before traveling. If you must go, take your emergency preparedness kit with you.
Stay tuned. Watch TV, listen to the radio, get online. Know the difference between a watch and a warning and take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your property.
Preparedness Tips for Businesses Using Emergency Notification
Likewise, businesses – especially those using emergency notification technology – should ensure their readiness for winter (and other) emergencies. Send Word Now offers the following guidelines:
Test. A simple test, even to a small group of message recipients, will confirm your organization’s readiness to communicate and respond to unplanned events. Peace of mind is invaluable.
Make sure emergency contact data is current. Remind employees to update their information so they can be informed about business impact and personal safety events. Send Word Now’s Self Update feature is ideal for this.
Plan for employees to work from home. If the weather is bad enough, as in the case of Hurricane Sandy, employees may not be able to come into the office. Use your emergency notification system to remind personnel what’s needed to work remotely. Remind them of simple things like using their car battery to charge their cell phones so that you (and they) can stay in touch, even in a power outage.
Make updates available. Weather, like other contingencies, is unpredictable. Be sure to post status updates (e.g., modified hours) to your Send Word Now message boards so employees and others can retrieve revised information at any time.
Don’t wait. Make people aware of your business continuity plan and what’s expected of them well ahead of an incident. Severe winter storms will inevitably strike as Mother Nature has proven time and time again.
Send Word Now’s Alerting Service can help your organization communicate faster and more efficiently in emergencies. Learn more by downloading the company’s Special Report: Weathering the Storm now. _