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CodeRED mass notification system: promoting conservation

mass notification systemWith California facing one of the most severe droughts on record, conservation has been a major topic of discussion. Now is a good time for government agencies to launch public awareness campaigns with their mass notification system to reduce community water and energy consumption. These efforts can play a critical role in creating behavior change. Engaging a community in conservation practice can be accomplished through the dissemination of useful information through the CodeRED mass notification system.

Water Conservation

Using your mass notification system to initiate a water conservation public awareness campaign starts with providing residents with indoor and outdoor water conservation tips. At least 50 percent of the water used daily goes on lawns and outdoor landscaping. There is an opportunity for government agencies to use their CodeRED system to provide tips for water conservation when it comes to landscaping and irrigation. Following the State of Emergency issued in California, Nevada City, a CodeRED client community, began offering free low-flow shower heads and toilet rebates for replacing old toilets with a high-efficiency toilet. The CodeRED mass notification system can be used to announce these types of community offers.

Energy Conservation

According to the Environment Protection Agency, studies show investment in energy efficiency helps the local economy. The increasing demand for electricity requires utility companies to find new supplies of energy, which leads to an increase in utility bills. An increase in energy conservation protects consumers from price fluctuations and energy service disruptions.

CodeRED messages can provide tips on how to save energy at home, including unplugging seldom-used appliances, changing thermostat settings according to the season and changing air filters. Authorized users can also issue a message through their mass notification system to ask residents to reduce their use of major appliances during peak periods. For example, Hydro Westmount in Montreal attributed their use of the CodeRED system on February 2, 2015 to avoid reaching a critical threshold for energy consumption and saving tens of thousands of dollars in the process.