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Protect Travelers During The Holidays With CodeRED Mobile Emergency Notification

Twinkling lights, whiffs of peppermint, and holiday tunes aired everywhere you go — these are just a few of the signs that the holidays are upon us.

As an emergency manager, you must also account for less savory signs, such as increased traffic, an influx of travelers, and unexpected wintry weather. One way to provide your community with a calm and festive holiday season, no matter what emergencies come your way, is via the CodeRED Mobile Alert app.

Holiday safety concerns

The holiday season creates a trifecta of concern for public safety officials.

First, there is an increase in traffic from out-of-town visitors who are far less comfortable driving on unfamiliar roadways.

This influx to the population causes an overburden of infrastructure during the holidays and risks of traffic accidents and criminal activities rises alongside it.

If these conditions weren’t dangerous enough on their own, they’re made worse due to winter weather. All across the United States, the decreased temperatures and influx of winter storms could bring in ice storms and blizzard conditions. Local drivers and out-of-town visitors during the holidays may not be prepared to handle this type of emergency situation. Which means the burden is on public safety officials, to ensure their communities and visitors are prepared.

Prepare them with the CodeRED Mobile Alert app

When communities utilize the CodeRED Mobile Alert app as a way to communicate with travelers during the holidays, they greatly increase the speed and efficiency of their emergency communications. The way the app works is by using geotargeting technology, to identify where people are located and alert them once they’re in the area of an alert.

Travelers and residents alike need to have the app downloaded on their mobile device to be accessible. The key is to advertise the app through your CodeRED system and on other platforms, such as radio, television, newspaper and social media to your population. Once the app is installed, you have the capacity to communicate important information in seconds to another method of delivery. This increases your ability to reach as many residents as you can to handle crisis situations during the holiday season.

Encourage your residents to register for the CodeRED Mobile Alert App by sharing this helpful infographic on your website or social media platforms:

How to Register for the CodeRED Mobile Alert App