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Reliability: It’s More than Words

4 Minute Read

“Trust me.” “I’m here for you.” “You can count on me.” As human beings, we generally depend on our friends, our spouse or partner, and our families to be there for us – especially when things are at their worst. And, rightly so.

Outside this group, you’re probably not as trusting when people tell you that they have your back. You’re suspicious; you have doubt. You want them to prove it.

The same holds true in business, especially in the area of crisis communications. Here, emergency notification providers are plentiful. And, most of them talk a pretty good game about system reliability. How can you really be sure your system will work when you need it?

To help you in the evaluation process, consider the following reliability factors, and be sure to ask these important questions.

Uptime Guarantee – What is the vendor’s service level agreement? 99.7%? 99.9%? What is its availability during maintenance windows?

Redundancy –What failover capabilities are in place? Does the vendor have multiple, geographically dispersed data centers to ensure communications go uninterrupted?

Capacity – Does the vendor have the documented infrastructure to support high-volume voice, text and email communications in large-scale events?

Customer Service – Does the vendor really provide technical assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week (not an answering service)? Can support representatives activate your alerts – with the proper credentialing – if you cannot?

At Send Word Now, we understand the importance of system reliability – it’s more than words. That’s why we offer the industry’s only 100% Uptime Guarantee service level agreement, and a whole lot more.

Peace of mind. It comes standard for every Send Word Now customer. Want to learn more? Read all about it in our new “Seven Advantages of Choosing Send Word Now for Emergency Notification” document.