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Report Exec integrates with CodeRED for mass notification software

mass notificationThe mission to help keep people safe continues as Competitive Edge Software Inc. (CESI) incorporates mass notification capabilities into Report Exec, its incident management software suite designed for security professionals.

CESI and Emergency Communications Network (ECN), the nation’s largest provider of mass notification solutions have announced a strategic partnership to offer ECN’s CodeRED mass notification service within Report Exec.

As recent active shooter events and severe weather situations have demonstrated, mass notification has life-saving potential and is a crucial element of a safety strategy. The integration between the two systems makes it easy for Report Exec Dispatch users to quickly deliver messages to targeted individuals through voice calls, text messages, email, RSS feeds and social media. The integration gives dispatchers the tools to effectively reach targeted groups of individuals without expending additional resources outside of the Dispatch module.

The CodeRED solution enhances the Report Exec software suite as it will allow safety officials at universities, corporations, hospitals and other organizations to notify their communities of dangerous situations, severe weather advisories, viral outbreaks or other urgent developments.

Sean Mars, the founder of CESI, states, “We’re constantly working to give security professionals the best tools to help keep people safe. By partnering with ECN, we can harness a proven solution and give our customers critical communication abilities within Report Exec. They won’t have to waste precious time switching between programs or learn a new system—this powerful tool will be right at their fingertips.”

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