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Rising Temperatures in Australia a Reminder to Evaluate Wildfire Communications Plans

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Australia is getting so hot that the heat map is running out of colors! Last week, as a record-breaking heat wave hovered over many regions and territories, the continent’s Bureau of Meteorology added two new colors to the weather map, reports Yahoo News. Claudine Zap writes, “the map currently shows the weather in orange tones at the top, which indicate temperatures 40 to 48 degrees Celsius. But forecasts are predicting off-the-charts weather. As a result, pink and purple will now cover temperatures over 50 degrees Celsius—should it climb that high.”

The heat wave, which is dangerous enough on its own, has also added to the spread of wildfires in southeastern Australia. As of today, over 100 fires are still burning across the country. They have already destroyed dozens of homes and forced the evacuation of the Siding Springs Observatory, which houses 15 major telescopes, including one which was instrumental in confirming the existence of dark energy.

If your organization operates in an area prone to wildfires, it is critical that you are prepared to communicate quickly and efficiently with your employees should one break out and endanger your workplace. In addition, make sure your employees know that you are doing everything you can to keep them safe and secure.

In 2011, the Australian Parliament released a report highlighting a series of flaws in Western Australia’s fire agencies’ ability to prepare for destructive wildfires. In the report, the Community Development and Justice Standing Committee wrote that the use of a common incident management platform across all state agencies is “essential” and that modern notification systems “are useful to warn affected residents of an impending bushfire if the messages are generated in a timely fashion.”

In the United States, Send Word Now’s messaging platform has been used by many state and federal agencies in the fight against wildfires, including the Southwest Area Type One Incident Management Team: North Command and the Georgia Department of Forestry for fire support in the Southeast (Georgia and Florida). After evaluating several solutions, the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC), the nation’s support center for wildland firefighting, chose Send Word Now based on its ease of use, functionality, and ability to support the interagency nature of wildfire cooperation.

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