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SaaS Notification: Lower Total Cost of Ownership

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In the 90s, my family got a new trial offer of software in the mail every single week. It seemed like every hasty internet provider had our mailing address, so our mailbox was always full of those trial CDs.

You’ve got mail. Literally. In fact, we actually had so many CDs sitting around that we started using them as drink coasters, craft supplies, shooting targets, and even a garland for a school party.

We never did install any of those CDs. We knew that the high monthly charges, continuous manual upgrades, and large file sizes would be enough to make us all regret falling for the tempting offers.

This type of software, known as premise-based software, generally requires you to make a one-time costly purchase, install the bulky program on every device that would be using the program (through additional licenses), and then re-install frequent updates in order to use the program.

Sure, premise-based software comes with a flat fee paid up front. But it also comes with additional costs associated with licensing, hardware, installation, software support, network infrastructure, monitoring costs, and so much more. While the initial purchase price may seem tempting, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) quickly and incessantly eats away at your budget.

You can avoid these types of add-on fees for emergency notification by using Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based solutions. With a SaaS-based product, the vendor literally provides the software as a service to you whenever you need it.

With this type of application, you sign a yearly contract with all charges spelled out up front. The software (which resides on the vendor’s servers) is then accessible by your device via a web browser or web application at any time. A SaaS-based system helps to reduce your TCO by eliminating the needs for the pricy hardware, installations, maintenance, and upgrades. Your only out-of-pocket fee is the annual subscription.

By paying on a subscription basis, you not only reduce costs, but save valuable time and resources. All of these savings can be reinvested into other areas of your business and greatly reduce the burden on your department’s budget.

Send Word Now, the leading innovator of critical communications services, only provides SaaS-based solutions, supplying you the simplest and most effective tools to streamline notification and lowering your TCO.

Our Alerting Service leverages a spectrum of communications devices simultaneously, sending out a message from a single sender to tens of thousands of recipients. Send Word Now’s on-demand alerting and integrated incident management technology is efficient, reliable, secure, and cost-effective. And best of all, there are no hidden fees like with yesteryear’s technology.

With a SaaS notification solution, you’ll save so much time and energy, you could hop on over to Pinterest to look up some new craft project ideas. May I recommend a notification server coffee table? It would work great with those CD drink coasters. You won’t be needing either anymore.




TCO in the Cloud: Save Time, Money & Energy
With SaaS-based Notification