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Safe and Sound: Send Word Now’s System Security

4 Minute Read

Cyberspace can be a wild and woolly place these days. From cyber terrorist groups targeting entire government systems, to the lone hacker writing mobile device malware from his basement, threats to system security are real.


As a trusted provider of emergency notification and critical communications services, we understand the importance of vigilance when it comes to security.  It’s why we continuously invest in the tools, talents and technologies that keep us ahead of the precautionary curve. In case you weren’t aware, here are just a few of the measures and options in place to ensure your service and data are well protected:
At-rest and in-transit data encryption.  Most service providers allow for encryption of data as it travels the internet between points. However, Send Word Now takes this a step further by encrypting the data residing on our servers.  It’s an important additional method for keeping your data safe.
Password security control.  Send Word Now gives you the capability to set requirements for password complexity, expiration and re-use. You can also require additional identity verification with a designated security question when using the “Forgot Your Password” feature.
Single Sign-on. This optional feature allows administrators to log in to Send Word Now by utilizing the organization’s enterprise credentials, providing tighter access control.
Two-factor authentication.  This optional feature requires users to authenticate themselves using two different methods: 1) by entering a username and password, and 2) through the use of a nifty SecureID hardware token.
Digital ID signatures.  This feature allows administrators to sign emails with Digital ID signatures, which provide end users with certainty that all received alerts are valid and not originating from a malicious source.
In addition to these and other security-related features, Send Word Now subjects itself to thorough third-party reviews in order to ensure control standards are met and exceeded.  As a result, Send Word Now is fully SSAE 16 SOC 2 certified (ugly name, great certification), and DIACAP certified, meeting the ultra-rigid requirements of the United States Department of Defense.
While cyberspace no doubt holds its dangers, Send Word Now is committed to setting the industry standard in security. With its ongoing investments, innovations and third-party validations, you can be confident your organization’s data and service are safe and sound.