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A Safer Halloween Awaits with OnSolve’s CodeRED

Graphic image of a Jack o' LanternHalloween unleashes a parade of pint-sized pirates and princesses on towns and city streets throughout the country. Unfortunately, this cherished fall holiday isn’t all fun and games. The reality is that a number of threats can compromise public safety on October 31. There is good news, however. Local agencies can play a significant role in safeguarding the health and well-being of their constituents this October 31, by raising awareness with emergency notifications. Here’s what you need to know. 

The Scary Truth About Halloween

Halloween is a magical time for children. However, most of them fail to realize the adults behind the scenes working hard to keep them safe.

One of the biggest public safety challenges haunting Americans every Halloween? Pedestrian safety. In fact, October is second only to August as the month with the most motor vehicle-related deaths, according to the National Safety Council’s Injury Facts 2016 report.  Not only that, but twice as many child pedestrians are killed while walking on Halloween than on other day of the year, according to

But that’s not all. From non-flame-resistant costumes to child predators, Halloween can quickly become more hazard than happy without proper safety precautions in place.

Best Practices for a Happy Halloween

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has compiled a list of handy safety tips aimed at helping keep kids safe on Halloween. In following these tips for costuming, pumpkin carving, home safety, and trick or treating, families can ensure a happy, healthy holiday for all.

Meanwhile, individual communities may have their own rules aimed at promoting Halloween safety, including designated trick or treating hours and Halloween curfews.

A Ghoulishly Good Communication Strategy

In an effort to make sure all of their constituents have access to essential information, many agencies are turning to emergency notification solutions like the CodeRED solution from OnSolve. Specifically designed to help federal, state, and local agencies share important information quickly and efficiently, mass communications are an easy and effective way to disseminate public safety tips and other critical information on Halloween.

Of course, mass notifications are only as good as their ability to rapidly reach target audiences. To that end, OnSolve has also compiled a set of handy best practices aimed at increasing both public awareness and enrollment in the system. Conducting all-calls, posting a registration link to your community homepage, posting on social media, using local media, and participating in community events are smart strategies for promoting CodeRED registrations.

While concerns about Halloween safety would be non-existent in a perfect world, they’re a necessary part of protecting kids and families in the imperfect world in which we live. OnSolve’s CodeRED offers invaluable partnership in ensuring that Halloween is more treat than trick this year.

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