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Scotland Yard and Royal Marines Prepare for Olympics

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Several weeks ago, elite British security teams took part in a series of disaster readiness drills in London as a part of their ongoing preparation for this summer’s Olympic Games. The drills “were designed to make sure that everyone has the same level of knowledge about how the river operates and how our tactics work together,” reports British Force News.

On Thursday, 44 marine police officers conducted drills _in rigid inflatables and fast response boats on the River Thames. They were joined by almost 100 military personnel in a helicopter. Crime and security minister James Brokenshire said, “This exercise forms part of the comprehensive testing and exercise programme that is crucial in securing the Games.”

“This will be a summer like no other in London. The Thames runs through the very heart of our capital and will be a popular pace for people who want to be part of the Olympic spirit. This is all part of our planning to ensure this summer’s events take place safely and securely,” said Assistant Commissioner Chris Allison of the Metropolitan Police.

Security forces under the direction of the Ministry of Defence and Metropolitan Police have been underway since 2011, and this month’s drills are a continuation of local and national authorities’ ongoing efforts to make the games as safe as they can be.

As we’ve mentioned in the past, while public authorities have developed comprehensive security and emergency communication strategies for the games, private businesses should not forget to prepare as well. The games will mostly affect the athletes and fans in attendance, but organizations throughout London will also be impacted by an increase in crowds, heightened security risks, and a surge in media attention on the region throughout the summer.

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