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Could the secret to improved sales communication lie in your EMNS?

Recommended stampWhat would happen if you used mass notification as an internal efficiency tool?

Usually intended to deliver important messages to large groups of dispersed individuals, mass notification software can do so much more—including keep your sales team informed and motivated.

The typical sales manager communicates with his or her team by email, sending out weekly or daily communication into the ether, and then hoping that everyone will read their messages and respond accordingly.

Sound familiar? If you’re that sales manager, you’ve probably already come to the sad realization that even if your salespeople do pick up their messages in a timely fashion, many will just file them and never reply.

Either way, it’s still up you to track and log responses, following up with those who don’t answer back to find out if they got your message and understood it.

Here’s how an EMNS can streamline that process.

Pretend you’ve received word of a pricing change, meaning that now you need to alert your team on the road. With a mass notification system in place, simply launch your message and let the system do the rest.

Each member of your team gets the notification at the same time, and a response is requested of each recipient. All responses are logged, and with no more effort on your part you’ll benefit from instant accountability.

If some people lag, the system will remind them so you won’t have to. Finally, if one of your team claims he never got the message, you have your logs to draw on, adding yet another layer of accountability.

Request up-to-date numbers, announce last-minute conference calls, communicate sensitive information that everyone needs to get at once—you can do all this and more with mass notification.

Keep your team in order and in tight communication. Free up your time—and theirs. And most importantly, do more with less. Mass notification really can be a successful sales manager’s secret weapon.

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