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Secrets to effective IT incident management

As IT environments continue to grow in complexity, demands on availability grow as well. This means that IT professionals today are expected to have a deeper and wider skill set in order to meet customer expectations, both internal and external. To fulfill these expectations, your IT team now needs a range of tools to draw on to help them get the job done reliably and efficiently. Automated notification is one of those tools.

When systems lag or your network is compromised, communication is key for a speedy resolution. Automated notification can get a message out to everyone on your team or just a select few, no matter where they are, so that small problems don’t become big ones. An intelligent system will know who is on which shift and take that into consideration when delivering alerts. An automated system will help your team stay in close communication, maintaining uptime and meeting service level agreements.

Find out how notification can work with your IT system to automatically alert the people on your team who can fix problems, helping them team meet schedules, reduce costs, increase efficiency with full reporting, tracking and accountability for every IT event. Join our webinar,  Notification: The Secret to Effective IT Incident Management on Wednesday, Oct. 17, to learn how.