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Send Word Now is Integral Part of Mt. St. Vincent’s Emergency Response Plan

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The College of Mount Saint Vincent, located just 12 miles away from midtown Manhattan, offers exceptional academic and professional programs to almost 2,000 undergraduate and graduate students. And the College, which spans over 70-acres, makes it a top priority to keep those students safe, along with all faculty, staff, and other members of the community.

In the event of an emergency or crime occurring on campus, campus safety officials are tasked with protecting the lives of all community members, organizing an orderly response to the crisis at hand, and helping the school to resume all normal activities. In order to do this, they depend on Send Word Now.

The College writes, “in the event of a significant emergency or crime that could endanger the health and safety of the Mount community, a timely warning via the Send Word Now notification system will be issued by the Director of Campus Safety and Security or designee. In some cases, such notice is to be issued immediately.”

Depending on the situation, these notifications will include information concerning the nature of the emergency, instructions to be followed, or additional steps to be taken by community members. The College notes that “the notifications will also serve to prevent any baseless rumors that could possibly occur. This is an extremely important consideration given the nature of emergency situations – they are times when false information can really put lives at risk.

For more information on Mount Saint Vincent’s notification plan, as well as its emergency management team, evacuation plans, and more, visit its Emergency Response Plan website here.