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Send Word Now’s Newest Feature: Desktop Alerting

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While diligent, intently-focused employees may be great for company revenues, they also present an alerting challenge during critical situations. Just how do you interrupt a deep-in-thought employee with their eyes glued to a computer monitor (maybe even wearing headphones)? How do you get the attention of someone engaged in an important sales or support conference call? How do you reach the person participating in an online webinar or training event? Overall, how do you alert and warn people who have taken legitimate, intentional steps to eliminate interruptions and distractions for a time period?

The answer to these perplexing questions lies with our newly-released SWN Desktop Alerting feature. SWN Desktop Alerting is a fully-integrated optional complement to our award-winning enterprise notification platform. With a small application installed on employees’ computers (and the computers connected to the Internet), administrators can easily launch text-based alerts, displaying urgent pop-up messages on recipient computer screens. It doesn’t require administrators to manage a separate system or to navigate a disconnected section within the solution. Desktop alerting simply appears as another device option within the standard messaging flow.

Want to send alerts only to people within a designated building or remote location? You can target precise geographic or physical sites using the included LAN Configuration tool. Or, you can send notifications to groups of people who meet specific custom criteria. If desired, you can even incorporate questions and receive feedback directly from the alert window.

In a crisis, business continuity and security professionals should seek to utilize as many communications channels as possible to ensure all employees are informed. SWN Desktop Alerting provides another highly-desirable method to notify and receive feedback from workers, particularly those lovable over-achievers so diligently engaged in their work.

We invite you to learn more about this exciting new feature here. And, as always, feel free to contact us with any questions. In the meantime, we’ll be diligently working to add more impressive new features to your award-winning Send Word Now notification service.

Now, where did I put those headphones…