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September 30th – National PrepareAthon! Day

It’s finally here! September 30th is National PrepareAthon! Day, which is a movement to influence people to take action in hazard preparations. In times of emergency, your organization can only do so much to warn residents about potential dangers. Make sure your community has a predetermined planEmergency Notification System, including an emergency notification system, for unavoidable emergency incidents.

Here are some steps you can provide to your residents to ensure they will stay safe during an emergency:

1. Understand the hazard

Educating your residents on different types of hazards is a good idea so they will be familiar with potential emergencies and their associated risks. Encourage them to register for CodeRED to receive emergency alerts and warnings from local officials.

2. Create a plan

Next, advise your residents to create an emergency plan that is simple, safe, and effective. They can do a different plan for each emergency, but it is best to have a basic plan that can be tailored to different hazards. If they have children or pets, remind them to choose a meeting place location that will accommodate them.

3. Test and adjust

Urge your residents not just to develop their emergency plan, but also to test it. Simulating a hazard is a great way to confirm family members, especially children, will know what to do in a time of emergency. Practicing will also get family members comfortable with the steps.

4. Spread the word

Once their plan is complete, influence residents to spread the word about their preparedness and assist others. Host community events and use social media hashtags or pages to get residents enthusiastic about emergency planning and preparedness.


With these tips, your residents should be able to create safe and efficacious emergency plans that may help save their lives. Make sure your organization stays on top of keeping residents informed by using CodeRED for emergency alerts!