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Should your notification system be reserved for a single purpose?

OneCompany-LandingPage-VimeoIf you’re like most business continuity professionals, you chose your notification solution for a specific use, like internal emergency notification, customer alerts, facility alerts, or something else. But what happens when another another department in the organization is looking for an automated notification tool, like your IT department or the HR team?

Typically, the research starts all over again, with the new team seeking a solution tailored just to their needs. But what if the notification system you already have could be expanded to work in other areas of the company? If it’s a scalable, flexible and feature-rich system, you can reap real benefits by simply expanding access to what you already have.

Here are some great reasons to repurpose your existing solution rather than starting with a new one:

  • Costs can be lower with a single solution versus multiple solutions
  • If your recipients overlap, they’ll only have to learn how one system works, making training that much easier
  • With a single solution data management and integration is simplified
  • A single vendor relationship is easier to manage than several
  • Different departments may use different features of the solution; i.e., an executive team may use an instant conference call feature where an IT team would take advantage of advanced scheduling features. By choosing one system with lots of capabilities, you’re making a better investment for your organization

To accomplish this, it’s important to choose a reliable and feature-rich notification solution in the first place—but that makes sense no matter what the purpose of the solution. Find out more ways that you can use notification at every level of your organization with this video.