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Show Me the Money: Grant and Funding Programs for Emergency Notification Systems

Financing a large-scale emergency notification system can be a costly venture.

Fortunately, there are a number of government grant programs to help foot the bill. When looking for ways to help cover the costs of OnSolve emergency notification services, consider the following grant opportunities. These financial resources do not have to be paid back, and can be renewed on a yearly basis.

Grants for Emergency Management

Each fiscal year the US government provides financial grant money through the Homeland Security Grant Program. This money is allotted to qualified communities and applicable organizations that offer emergency response, mitigation, protection, and recovery. Through the program there are three specific grants that applicants can apply to via FEMA:

  •  State Homeland Security Program
  •  Urban Area Security Initiative
  •  Operation Stonegarden

For the 2018 fiscal year, the programs were allocated $1.9 billion but with a stipulation that is new to applicants. The Department of Homeland Security John Kelly reported in May 2017 that all new applicants will be required to pay 25 percent as a cost-share approach to funding.

Application Process for Government Grants

According to the FEMA, these government grants provide funding for a variety of areas:

  • Emergency planning
  • Organization for emergency resources
  • Purchasing equipment, such as OnSolve emergency notification solutions including CodeRED
  • Emergency training and exercises
  • Management and administration of emergency notification systems

To apply for these grants your organization will need to apply through the FEMA. All states and territories in the US are eligible to apply for these grants. Applicants who apply need to provide evidence in the following areas:

  • Financial stability of your organization or community
  • Use of emergency management systems that meet quality standards; OnSolve services meet these requirements
  • History of performance if your organization has received a federal grant in the past
  • Reports and audits related to the use of the emergency notification system
  • An ability to implement regulations and statutes regarding the use of the emergency notification system

When you are provided with grant funding through the FEMA your grant period is 36 months. This is an optimal solution for organizations interested in funding a new emergency notification program or updating an existing system in their community.

An emergency notification solution, like those provided by CodeRED from OnSolve, provide agencies with the means to properly alert residents in times of emergency. It’s like an insurance policy you never want to have to use. Grant funding is a great opportunity to get these types of programs rolling in your community.