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Six steps to choosing an EMNS for ITSM

USB plugsMade the decision to define and implement a notification solution for your IT environment? Congratulations!

No matter what system you choose, the right implementation will ensure your organization gets the full value of your mass notification solution. Read on for ideas.

  1. Begin by analyzing the results you want to achieve. Don’t make a decision on a tool based on just a few features; take the time to analyze what features are most important and prioritize those.
  2. Develop standard operating procedures and let your tool automate the process. Make sure to define the incidents and the urgency that will drive your notification processes.
  3. Map those processes. Include who should be notified, what messages should look like, what escalation tiers should include, and what actions must be taken in when responses come in from the notification.
  4. Design your framework. Understand how notification will integrate throughout the organization. Which enterprise applications would benefit from notification? How will you enable them?
  5. Integrate automated notification with ITIL processes. While notifications are a critical part of emergency management, notification technology can be used in conjunction with many other ITIL processes, such as change management, configuration management, availability management, service continuity management, problem management and more.
  6. Perform technical integrations. Use the tools that come with your notification solution for customized integrations. Whether it’s the use of a Web services API or run book automation, integrations can be accomplished cost-effectively.

The benefits

If your implementation is good, your notification system will deliver a wealth of benefits:

  • Pre-defined processes that support quality and performance in your IT environment
  • Workflows that define initiation and actions, taking away manual intervention and human error in defined processes
  • Reduced time and streamlined processes for service delivery
  • Repeatable, consistent results

If you’d like to learn more about how to use automated notification to support IT processes, download our free white paper