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Snowfall and Icy Roads Disrupt Travel Plans in the UK

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Recent snowfall in the UK has resulted in numerous road, rail, and air travel disruptions. The weather has already resulted in over 1,000 grounded flights, leaving those with London-bound travel plans stranded in airports as they awaited new flight information. Others were forced to spend the night in their cars as road conditions proved to be too hazardous for travel.

Warnings from the Met Office advised people of possible icy conditions, as the snow freezes overnight and rainy weather hits the already affected areas. Similar to the Big Freeze in 2010, major airports, railway lines, and Tube delays are expected with increasing snowfall. BBC forecaster Holly Green reported of icy conditions, which will pose a risk as there are still expected small accumulations of snow and patchy rain in eastern parts of England. Major roadways have already been affected though snowfall has eased. Vehicles were stranded and stationary for several hours due to icy conditions. Drivers spent hours in their cars while waiting for ploughs to clear the roads.
Be prepared for travel disruptions by checking weather alerts and forecasts regularly. If there is a chance that your organization may be affected by the continuing inclement weather, make sure that there is a notification solution in place to communicate with employees about their options and expectations during and after the storm.