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South Africa’s Greatest Business Continuity Challenges in 2012

4 Minute Read

ContinuitySA, the African leader in business continuity management, has just released a list of the top 10 business continuity issues facing South Africa in 2012._ Continuity Central summarizes the report, which analyzes the risks that South African companies and their boards should be factoring into their planning for 2012, here.

According to Continuity SA, issues facing South African businesses this year will include the current economic hardships due to the recession, lagging government performance, weak national infrastructure, water scarcity, a worsening business climate, regulatory burdens, fragmented supply chains, and increased data risks due to mobility. Additionally, many of these constraints are forcing companies to cut back on their business continuity efforts, thereby making them more vulnerable to future disruptions.

We’d like to take a moment to highlight two of these challenges – the increase in regulatory burdens and the cutbacks being made to business continuity programs throughout the country.

Continuity Central reports that South Africa’s Companies Act of 2011 “has made the directors of companies personally liable for the outcome of their decisions.” This legislation has made the risk management, especially in IT departments, “a much more important item on the board agenda.” We hope that these regulations will not only be a challenge but also prove to be a benefit, by allowing business continuity to become the priority it should be.

Unfortunately, ContinuitySA also points out that “in many instances, financial pressures are causing companies to cut back on business continuity,” leading them to turn to “less than optimal” solutions. With this in mind, it’s important for companies to look towards lightweight business continuity and emergency notification systems that are scalable, flexible, and won’t break the bank. Send Word Now offers many such solutions, and we look forward to helping businesses throughout South Africa meet these challenges head on in 2012.