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Super Sunday: Super Security

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While you’re busy planning Sunday’s “super” smorgasbord of chips, dips, sliders and wings, security professionals in New York and New Jersey are working through the final details in preparation for this weekend’s big game. This means further tightening security in airports, train stations and along city streets in order to protect fans as they make their way into the “Big Apple” to watch the two teams battle it out on the field.

The stadium alone holds more than 82,000 people, and thousands more, including 5,000 members of the media, will be on the ground, working to carry the big event off without a hitch.

Among them, as reported by CNN on Wednesday, January 29th, there will be more than 700 troopers in and around the stadium complex, along with some 3,000 private security guards. Hundreds of others, including federal, state and local officials, will also be present to monitor the activities before, during and after the game, and immediately take action, if necessary. This includes U.S. Coast Guard boats on the water and highly equipped defense aircraft in the skies overhead.

Fans will also have to do their part by following strict security guidelines. Among them, if they want to bring a bag bigger than 4.5” x 6.5”, it will have to be clear plastic so the contents are visible to security officials. This change, which many fans may have already experienced throughout the 2014 football season, came about as a direct result of the April 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.

Thankfully, the media is currently reporting no specific threats to this weekend’s game, and there’s even going to be a break in the winter weather, with the temperature hovering around 40 degrees and little chance of precipitation.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case for the upcoming games in Sochi, where the potential for terrorist activity is incredibly high, and government and event security is increasingly tight. In fact, an ABC report earlier today, described the venues as being among “the most tightly guarded facilities in the world.”

There’s no doubt about it. High-profile events, especially sports-related ones where thousands of fans attend and the world looks on, bring much enjoyment, but also pose tremendous security risks. They require a great deal of effort, particularly in the area of communication, on behalf of everyone, if safety is to be maintained and people are to take pleasure in the festivities as intended.

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