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Superstorm Sandy Remembered

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Engagements, weddings and other special events…we all do our best to remember these extraordinary days year after year. Other times – bad ones like the anniversary of Superstorm Sandy – we try our hardest to forget. And, with good reason.


Superstorm Sandy, now documented as one of the worst natural disasters to strike New York City, and one of the costliest storms in U.S. history, resulted in damage estimates ranging from 50 to 68 billion dollars. The storm claimed the lives of 117 people in the U.S. alone; 286 internationally. It also caused an estimated two million lost working days, disrupting business worldwide and adversely affecting the lives of people beyond measure.
One of the key drivers of loss for this event was poor accountability for – and communication with – displaced workers. Fortunately, for many public and private sector organizations impacted by this monumental weather event, emergency notification services (like those provided by Send Word Now) worked around the clock to keep people alert and informed.
Managers collaborated via conference bridge, response teams united, and employees worked to carry out their essential duties. In the end, many of these organizations found they were able to get back on their feet faster than anticipated.
Take the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Euronext, for example, who shared their own “Sandy story” with the attendees of Send Word Now’s 2013 Global Alert Conference earlier this month. (Special thanks to AnneMarie Staley, Managing Director, Global Business Continuity Management, of NYSE, for taking time out to speak to everyone in attendance.) Simply put, amazing.
The one-year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, though clearly not a fond memory, is a time of great reflection. The storm’s effects were absolutely devastating, but we all learned many valuable (and sometimes difficult) lessons about preparation, response and recovery. And, as evidenced by the many successful uses of emergency notification services, we were also reminded of the vital role communication plays in business resiliency, employee accountability and personal safety.
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