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Swing into action when a hurricane is on the horizon

SwingAfter the rare formation of not one but two hurricanes in January 2015, Pali, south of Hawaii, and Alex in the northeast Atlantic, extreme weather of a different kind is everyone’s mind this winter.

And seasoned professionals know that when a big storm hits (no matter whether it dumps rain or snow) rapid, a reliable way to communicate response teams is key to survival.

But what happens when other issues threaten? What if a greatly increased risk of hurricanes were only one issue you faced as a business continuity professional?

The city of Miami, Florida, found itself in just that position in the years after 9/11, when the Department of Homeland Security designated it as a high-risk urban area. Hurricanes aside, Miami was also in part because Miami was seen as a possible port of entry for terrorists—or even the site of future terrorist attacks.

As a result, the Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) program was created, in order to help high-risk cities like Miami with preventing, responding to, and recovering from both severe weather and acts of terrorism.

Unfortunately, Miami’s UASI quickly found themselves faced with a need to contact various agencies and responders throughout four counties on a moment’s notice. The test case? Hurricane Ivan, which threatened only months after the UASI was formed.

When Ivan first showed up on weather radar, Miami UASI moved quickly to implement protection for all four of its counties. With funds from Homeland Security, MIR3’s Intelligent Notification was successfully put into place in four Florida counties: Palm Beach, Broward, Monroe, and Miami-Dade. Personnel in all of the Miami UASI counties were trained in just one day.

And just two days after that, Miami UASI used Intelligent Notification to launch alerts to emergency personnel across all four counties when the approach of Hurricane Ivan was imminent. Mass notification alerted supporters, marshalled emergency support, and helped teams across the counties execute proper emergency procedures as quickly as possible.

To learn more about the benefits Miami UASI saw after putting Intelligent Notification in place, download the case study.