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The “Break the Glass” Debate

4 Minute Read

Typically, you’re comparing notification providers or have implemented an on-demand alerting service for a reason–emergencies. Fortunately, though, events like hurricanes, blackouts and cyber attacks are not everyday occurrences. They are exceptional situations that prompt you to “break the glass” to set in motion your organization’s crisis communications plan.

So what does a notification service do when there’s no emergency? Ask different people and you’ll get very different answers.
For some, it’s like an insurance policy designed to be used only in case something bad happens. Sure, it gets tested on a regular basis, but otherwise, it sits ready and waits. Organizations using their emergency notification system in this way tend to believe:
  – Recipients will take infrequent voice and/or text messages more seriously
– Recipients will better recognize an emergency message as falling
outside the normal testing schedule
– Recipients will better know the appropriate actions to take in support of
their business continuity plan
For others, the technology is routinely utilized for important, but not necessarily critical, communications, such as HR-related messages, impromptu meetings and customer service announcements. These organizations tend to believe:
  –  Frequent use increases administrators’ and recipients’ familiarity
with the system
  –  Frequent use improves both routine and emergency communications
–  Frequent use contributes to a faster, more easily quantifiable ROI
So who’s right or wrong? Which is better or worse? While it’s probably not surprising Send Word Now guides customers toward more frequent use, the answer ultimately lies with the unique requirements and “personality” of your own organization.  Our best advice regarding system use, whatever the frequency, is to make sure your notifications are well-targeted and highly relevant to recipients.  It’s difficult to “over notify” people when the information received is clearly important to them.
No matter which side you choose in the “break the glass” debate, know one thing. You have done (or are about to do) the right thing by using notification technology to communicate faster, more efficiently and most effectively when you need to. Send Word Now, as always, is ready to help. Download our newest Alerting Service brochure now. And, let us share with you the many successes of our customers for both emergency and non-emergency communications. Email today.