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The CodeRED Mobile Alert app is the perfect travel companion for the holidays

Traveling solo during the holidays can be lonely, but no one wants to go on a long trip with someone who doesn’t bring some sort of benefit to your travels. The CodeRED Mobile Alert app is the travel companion who always looks out for you. The app will keep you alert and informed wherever you go.

CodeRED Mobile Alert app active emergency alerts sends notifications to mobile deviceIt shares your interests

A good travel companion is someone who shares your interests and cares about the same things you do. Both you and the CodeRED Mobile Alert app care about your safety. The app not only shares your interest in being aware of emergencies, it looks out for that interest. It is an app that wants to accomplish the same thing you do. It wants to safely get you to the holiday celebrations hosted by family and friends.

You can go exploring with it

The CodeRED Mobile Alert app is geo-aware. If you decide to stop to see the largest ball of twine on your long road trip, the app taps into the national CodeRED emergency notification system and will alert you of notifications sent out by public safety officials in that area. You have the ability to view all of the active alerts across the nation and listen to each of them, allowing you to plan ahead.

It is always there for you

Traveling for the holidays can be hectic and stressful, but this app offers you peace of mind. You might experience unpredictable things this holiday season like losing your luggage or getting a flat tire, but you can always count on the app to send you emergency alerts that affect you right to your mobile device. It is easy to use and reliable.

When you’re making your holiday travel checklist, don’t forget to add downloading the CodeRED Mobile Alert app for iOS or Android.