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The CodeRED Mobile Alert app sends essential alerts during the winter season

A client used the CodeRED Mobile Alert app to warn subscribers of a bridge closure due to winter storm conditions.
A client used the CodeRED Mobile Alert app to warn subscribers of a bridge closure due to winter storm conditions.

Emergency Communications Network (ECN) offers a CodeRED Mobile Alert app that taps into the national CodeRED® Emergency Notification System and alerts subscribers located within the reach of a given notification generated by public safety officials. The app is geo-aware and delivers notifications based on your location, so you will receive information that directly affects you.

Subscribers can listen to any active alert at any time. These alerts can be especially important during severe weather. This past winter season has been particularly harsh, and more than a dozen winter storms have hit the nation. Here are some of the most common alerts that appear on the CodeRED app during the winter season:

Blizzard warning

These advisories are issued when strong winds over 35 MPH and heavy snow will persist over several hours. Blowing and drifting snow may cause whiteout conditions, limiting visibility. Traveling is not advised.

Snow emergency

The exact meaning of a snow emergency varies depending on city or county. Roadways could be very hazardous with drifting snow and could be icy. Traveling is discouraged, but motorists are advised to exercise extreme caution. Municipal offices, schools or some places of work may be closed.

Parking restrictions

When snow builds up and snowbanks encroach on to city streets, parking bans must go into effect so that emergency vehicles and snowplows can quickly maneuver through the roads. Listen to parking bans closely to avoid towing and ticketing.

Ice storm warning

An ice storm warning will be issued when freezing rain causes a dangerous accumulation of ice. It is dangerous to travel during an ice storm and power outages may occur. Emergency management officials will launch the app to advise motorists to stay off the road.

Delayed trash and recycling 

Extremely cold temperatures and hazardous driving conditions could delay trash and recycling services for a few days.

Water main repair

Water main breaks are most common during extreme weather conditions, especially during the winter when air and water temperatures drop. Air temperature at or below freezing can cause the ground above a pipe to freeze, increasing stress on the pipe and causing a break. Water main breaks often lead to road closures for repair and potential boil-water advisories.

Boil-water advisory

Boil-water notices will sometimes be issued as a result of a water main break. There may be a possibility of pathogenic bacteria entering the water supply and utility departments issue these alerts as a precaution. Consuming contaminated water can cause a variety of gastrointestinal illnesses.  All water used for drinking, cooking, ice-making, brushing teeth or washing dishes must be brought to a full boil for at least one minute.

Download the CodeRED Mobile Alert app today to stay safe and informed during the winter season. Follow OnSolve on Twitter and like us on Facebook for more updates about our systems.