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The Future is Now: Send Word Now Acquires One Call Now

Milestones. Markers in time where the past as we knew it changed, and a new future was forged. Today, Send Word Now marks an exciting milestone in its announced acquisition of group messaging company, One Call Now.

One Call Now, based in Dayton, OH, is a leader in routine and emergency communications for small-to-medium businesses, religious organizations, not-for-profit groups, schools, etc. Each month One Call Now sends more than 55 million messages to people from all walks of life.

Send Word Now is thrilled to add this impressive company to its family. The combination of Send Word Now’s powerful enterprise-level notification service and One Call Now’s simple, reliable group messaging service for smaller organizations makes for an unrivaled provider in the critical communications market.

Send Word Now’s president and CEO said this about the acquisition, “”By combining teams that serve slightly different sectors with technology platforms that are leading-edge, we can effectively solve the communication challenges of organizations large and small with the notification service that is best suited to their needs and budget.  Most importantly, I believe this acquisition benefits clients of both businesses because it expands the depth and breadth of our services, giving us even better tools and processes with which to serve our combined clients.”

So what impact will this move have on customers of the respective companies? Aside from the new innovations and efficiencies that will emerge from a combined company, nothing will really change for customers. It is evident both companies share a passion for world-class customer support and unwavering reliability. Customers can expect to receive the same great service and assistance they were receiving prior to the acquisition.

So here’s to another exciting milestone—two great companies becoming even better together. Welcome, One Call Now, to the Send Word Now family!


For more information, read the press release here.